LAW & ORDER: SVU star Mariska Hargitay stunned medics when she was diagnosed with a collapsed lung last year (09) - they couldn't believe she was walking.
The actress landed awkwardly while performing a stunt on the hit cop drama and when the pain didn't let up she decided to have it checked - months later.
The diagnosis forced her to pull out of shooting for weeks, prompting TV bosses to film the show around her absence.
She says, "I thought it was a pulled rib. I'm pretty tough. When I couldn't breathe anymore, I got an X-ray, and they couldn't believe I was walking."
The injury has prompted Hargitay to take more care on set.
She tells WENN, "I was doing stunts when I was pregnant. I'd fall and jump on guys. Now there are scenes when I have to run, and I'll only take a few steps. Everyone is super-careful of me."