Marisa Tomei has responded to Lady GaGa's claim that she would want the Hollywood actress to play her in a movie about her life.
Marisa Tomei, the American actress and star of 'The Wrestler', says she is "flattered" by recent compliments paid to her by Lady Gaga, reports on SiriusXM's Morning Mash Up, the 24-year-old singer was asked who she would want to play her in a movie about her life, to which she responded, "I would have Marisa Tomei play me. I am such a Marisa Tomei fan. All my friends call me Marisa when I get angry, because my New York accent just flies out of my body and I start smacking my gum". The actress, who is perhaps best known for her Oscar winning role in the 1992 hit movie 'My Cousin Vinny', stars alongside Matthew Mcconaughey in the recently released 'The Lincoln Lawyer'. During her appearance on 'The View' last week, Tomei responded to Lady Gaga's comments, revealing that she was "pretty surprised" and adding, "I adore her".
It was recently reported that Marisa Tomei is currently in talks to star alongside 'Sex and the City' actress Sarah Jessica Parker in a forthcoming indie comedy. 'Married and Cheating' is set in both New York and Paris and follows the story of three married couple struggling to find happiness.