Marisa Tomei thinks she's too old to play Lady GaGa in a movie.

The 'The Wrestler' actress was flattered to hear the 'Applause' hitmaker would like her to play the 28-year-old singer if there is ever a film made about her life, but doesn't think she is the right person for the role.

Asked if she would consider the offer, the 46-year-old star told 'The View' on Friday (18.04.14): ''I was so flattered and I couldn't believe she said that. But I was thinking, 'What kind of movie?' Is it going to be some avant-garde thing where she goes back in time or I would play her older than she actually is? I don't understand, is it a '(The Curious Case of) Benjamin Button' thing?''

The 'Born This Way' singer previously revealed her friends often call her Marisa when she gets angry.

She told SiriusXM's 'The Morning Mash Up' in February: ''I would have Marisa Tomei play me. I am such a Marisa Tomei fan.

''All my friends call me Marisa when I get angry. Because my New York accent just flies out of my body and I start smacking my gum.''

Meanwhile, Marisa is currently starring in the Broadway production, 'The Realistic Joneses' in New York City and has developed a few rituals before going on stage.

She said: ''We do have a bear on the set, so I have to touch the bear. I also do a lot of, I don't know if you'd call it a superstition,' but I do a lot of 'Please help me, please help me!' ''