Marisa Miller admits her husband preferred her body when she was pregnant.

The Victoria's Secret model and her husband Griffin Guess welcomed their first child, Gavin, into the world in December 2012, and she has a more relaxed approach to her body since giving birth.

The blonde beauty, who put on 32 pounds during her pregnancy, told ''My husband [Griffin Guess] kept telling me that I looked better with the weight! I used to do a ton of cardio, but the last couple years I've focused on just doing Pilates and work on toning. It's really difficult to work out like I used with a baby, but I make the most of the time when I do. On a good week, that would be three or four days a week.''

The Sports Illustrated model started taking it easier in the gym when she discovered she was pregnant.

She said: ''It was really important to me during pregnancy not to stress about weight gain. I ate healthy and worked out, so whatever my body wanted to put on was what the baby needed.''

The couple tied the knot in April 2006 and Marisa previously revealed she only has eyes for her husband.

She said: ''My job can definitely bring out a lot of insecurities or trust issues, but I'm so thankful we never had that. I don't give my husband a reason to worry. Those kind of things can become a big problem in any relationship, and then especially with [my life] there's a whole new set of challenges.''