Rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight has been praised after helping Las Vegas, Nevada police diffuse a potentially nasty situation when a drunken pal of his attacked a taxi driver.

The Los Angeles-based music boss was partying with friends in Sin City on Saturday (02JUL05) when one of his entourage fought with a taxi operator.

The city's Taxi Cab Authority investigators have praised Knight for helping to keep a potentially explosive situation under control when his drunken pal BO PEDERSEN-ROGERS started causing trouble outside the Palms Hotel + Casino.

Investigator ROB STEWART tells MTV NEWS, "It developed into a disagreement and there was an argument, and she (Pedersen-Rogers) wound up hitting him (the taxi driver) 10 times.

"Suge calmed her down, told her things would be OK."

The rap mogul's 22-year-old pal has been charged with battery.

06/07/2005 02:45