Jailed rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight loves to terrorise California coyotes in the dead of night.

The Death Row Records founder - who was jailed earlier this month (JUL03) following allegations he violated probation by beating up a valet outside a nightclub - has a passion for taking to the Hollywood Hills after dark to chase wildlife on horseback.

Speaking to urban magazine THE SOURCE just before his latest spell in jail, Knight explained, "I'm into wildlife so I ride horses to the point where at night, I chase coyotes and mountain lions. I f*** around.

"That's my peace of mind. You get out there, the phone ain't on, nice little breeze, fresh air, and go."

The controversial mogul admitted he's so fond of animals, he's created his own menagerie.

He added, "I got piranhas in my office that eat mice and goldfish. I got a big python that eats rabbits and people's little Chihuahuas."

11/07/2003 09:25