Rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight is being sued by Snoop Dogg's mother and rapper DELMAR 'DAZ DILLINGER' ARNAUD's ex-wife for allegedly slandering them.

Details of the lawsuit filed by Snoop's mother BEVERLY GREEN and MARIA WATKINS say the song THA ROW - which features on the soundtrack of movie DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILY - alleges both women had a sexual relationship with Knight.

The track, which also suggests Knight fathered Watkins' unborn child, caused the end of her marriage to Arnaud, and now the furious rapper is demanding a paternity test from his ex-wife.

Both women insist the track was an attempt to hit back after Arnaud sued Knight successfully in the civil court.

The lawsuit states, "These plaintiffs are totally innocent victims being tormented as a means to force Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg to suffer personal anguish and to take retaliatory action.

"This is the same type of feud that led to Tupac Shakur and CHRISTOPHER 'BIGGIE SMALLS' WALLACE's deaths."

Now Knight has been slapped with a restraining order, after it was alleged that the plaintiffs have been threatened over the phone by his associates.

11/12/2003 17:20