Controversial rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight has changed the name of his record label - again.

Following his release from prison in August 2001 Knight officially changed the name of DEATH ROW records to THA ROW - but now the svengali has re-christened the label DEATH ROW'S BACK.

He says, "It went from Death Row, that's the catalogue. Then it went to Tha Row. 'Tha Row' used to be like a little slang that everybody would say.

"But I went to Death Row's Back and that's the name of the label now: Death Row's Back. Death Row's back on the streets, back in those clubs, back in those ghettos, back in your car, in the systems."

And Suge is confident he will succeed as a successful record label boss once again.

He says, "Not too many people can say they made history and then turn around and make it twice, which we will."