Gangsta rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight has taken his battle with Snoop Dogg to new heights, branding him a coward on his record label's official website.

Knight is apparently overjoyed about arch-enemy Snoop's brush with the law just before Tuesday's (24JUN03) BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION AWARDS in Hollywood, when police stopped his procession of armoured sports utility vehicles and found him surrounded by armed guards, including an off-duty cop.

On Knight's DEATHROWRECORDS.NET, web surfers are greeted with a photo mock-up depicting Snoop and his cousin DAZ DILLINGER, who left Suge's label for Snoop's, surrounded by armed police and talking fearfully about Knight.

Under the title 'Kowards in Kali', Daz says to the rapper, "Snoop, U sure we're gonna be safe in this ride? I don't wanna end up like BAD AZZ."

Snoop responds, "Fa shizzle! Just keep ridin' my coat tails and we'll be alright nephew."

Daz notes, "Yea but we're going to the BET Awards and you know Suge is gonna be there."

"Don't worry," Snoop says, "I got all the homies with me tonight," to which Daz replies, "Maybe after the awards we can go to my wife's house so our guards can protect her too!"

Snoop moved to the other side of the Kodak Theatre at last year's (02) BET Awards after he and Knight got into a confrontation.

30/06/2003 09:19