A California law firm is suing jailed rap mogul Marion 'Suge' Knight, accusing him of fraudulently selling or giving away property to avoid paying them for their services.

Knight, who's serving a 10-month prison sentence, was ordered to pay nearly $142,000 (GBP88,750) to law firm KOPPLE AND KLINGER in May (03) for services the firm provided.

In the lawsuit filed yesterday (19AUG03) in LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT, the firm claims Knight hasn't paid the debt and has sold or transferred at least four properties in the Los Angeles area for little or no compensation to friends to "hinder, delay or defraud" his creditors.

The firm seeks payment and is trying to prevent the properties Knight allegedly transferred from being sold.

The properties in Beverly Hills, Malibu and Encino were transferred starting in 1999, the lawsuit alleges. It has yet to be confirmed whether they are homes or businesses.

In one case, Knight and his MHK INVESTMENT company gave away a property in upscale Encino for "no valuable consideration", according to the lawsuit. The recipient was aware of Knight's "deteriorating" financial and legal situation, the lawsuit adds.

Knight, who's been in custody since 27 June (03), was found guilty of violating parole last month (JUL03) for striking a Hollywood nightclub valet.

20/08/2003 21:10