Marion 'Suge' Knight has launched a blistering attack on Snoop Dogg - claiming the "retarded" rapper is still signed to his DEATH ROW record label.

The larger-than-life hip-hop mogul has been locked in a bitter battle with Snoop after the GIN AND JUICE star acrimoniously left his label - now renamed DEATH ROW'S BACK - whilst Knight was in prison for parole violation.

Now, in an interview with America's SOURCE magazine, Knight has not only taken sole credit for Snoop's massively successful career, but also for crucially keeping him out of prison after a number of brushes with the law.

He says, "I think the boy is retarded. He supposed to (have gone) to prison. I spent $5 million. If it wasn't for Suge Knight's money, power and time, Snoop would be doing life, weighing 120 pounds and ain't fixin' to fight.

"I created him. He was CALVIN BROADUS. His name was SUPER DUPER SNOOPE. Best two things I did; I made him stay outta prison, and changed that name and that image. Snoop used to have short hair. NUTHIN' BUT A G THANG, remember that video? He looked just like Special Ed(ucation)."

Suge goes on to invite Snoop to settle their dispute man to man, away from the prying eyes of the authorities.

He continues, "Any way you want to handle it, let's handle it. Keep the police out the business. A boss is supposed to go get down with the boss. So that mean he supposed to tell his people to hold up, I'ma tell my people to hold up, and we could make a circle, and we get down.

"And believe me, after that, we'll see who the b***h is. We can do this anytime, anywhere... except for at the police station or on camera."

Knight also claims Snoop is still technically his artist.

He explains, "It ain't like he left Death Row. I'll let you read the contracts. I did a deal with BRYAN TURNER who owns PRIORITY. The contract states that I loaned his services to Priority and allowed Priority to loan his services to NO LIMIT.

"To me it's a business. But at the end of the day, who makes the money? I makes money off him, period."

21/09/2003 10:18