Marion 'Suge' Knight believes better entertainment would have prevented any trouble at the recent Vibe Awards.

Dr Dre was in the midst of receiving a special honour from Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg when a man blocked the former NWA star's path and punched him in the face.

A melee quickly followed, which led to a stabbing and rapper Young Buck's subsequent surrender to police in connection with the knife attack.

But rap mogul Knight, who was initially blamed for the incident, believes that if the crowd was better entertained, there would have been less room for any violence to break out.

He says, "I think one of the problems with these awards shows is you gotta have great people at the awards shows.

"You gotta have a show, you gotta have a great host because that's like a club. If you go to a club and it's packed and the DJ is garbage, ain't nobody dancing, all of a sudden everybody's looking around, maybe there's gonna be a fight. But if the DJ's great, everybody's gonna be partying.

"You go to awards and nobody is there and there is all this (emptiness), people are looking probably to do something. At one point in time, for us to get to the next level, everybody's gotta start being more professional."

22/11/2004 03:28