Marion Cotillard had to read The Script for 'Inception' twice.

The Oscar-winning actress - who stars opposite Leonardo Dicaprio and Ellen Page in the Christopher Nolan-directed sci-fi mystery - admits she had not seen a similar film before and she signed up as soon as she could.

She said: "I had never read a script like it before.

"It is so emotionally complex I had to read it a second time. But I was touched by the different layers of the story and I wanted to be a part of it."

Discussing her Oscar for 2007 movie 'La vie en rose', where she portrayed French singer Edith Piaf, Marion confesses it took time for the news to sink in.

She told the Daily Telegraph: "The movie and the Oscar changed my life in a very good way. It put me in a different universe.

"When I was in Los Angeles during the campaign process for the Academy Awards, i kept telling myself that it was not real life, it was something else.

"I was having an amazing time and really enjoying the fantasy of it all and then I thought I should stop saying it wasn't real because it was real."

'Inception' is released globally throughout July.