Oscar winner Marion Cotillard has urged Hollywood stars to think through plans to move their families to her native France to avoid the unwanted attention of the paparazzi because the restrictive laws there only apply to national publications.

Stars like Halle Berry have expressed a desire to move to France in an effort to protect her young daughter Nahla from the flashbulbs - because local laws prevent photographers from selling photos of celebrities' kids.

But Cotillard offers a note of caution - the rules don't stretch overseas.

Explaining the legislation during an appearance on U.S. talk show Chelsea Lately on Monday night (26Nov12), the La Vie En Rose star explains, "We have laws. They (paparazzi) cannot be, like, around you and if they take a picture of you you can sue them.

"But when an American... goes there and they take pictures and they sell it to the American magazines, there is nothing they can do."