Marion Cotillard is ''torn'' over her design for Christian Dior.

The 'Inception' actress has been the face of the fashion house's Lady Dior bag since 2008 and is now designing her own ''personal'' piece for the collection, though she is unsure as to what direction to head in for it.

Speaking in French in a behind-the-scenes video, which shows her sketching designs, Marion says: ''Actually, I'm torn between a rock and roll type or something extremely simple. I would still like to put a strong Dior symbol on it.

Marion, 37, is known to wear Dior on the red carpet and is very rarely seen in another designer and in a statement released accompanying the video the brand have called the collaboration ''natural'' and hope that her design will never become out of date.

They write: ''She has been the face of the Lady Dior bag since 2008, the epitome of a sophisticated and vibrant woman.

''It was, of course, completely natural that Marion Cotillard would go on to design her own bag, her personal Lady Dior, as modern as it is timeless.''

The brunette beauty also discusses in the video why she loves monochrome houndstooth print and shares a photograph of trees against a night sky, which she may use as an idea for the unique handbag.