Marion Cotillard 's new movie has wowed the movie critics gathered at Cannes, Associated Press have reported today (May 17, 2012). 'Rust and Bone' is directed by Jacques Audiard and also stars the little-known Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts. Set just a short distance from Cannes, in Antibes, the movie tells the tale of a killer-whale trainer (played by Cotillard)who loses her legs and finds comfort in the most unlikely of places; a friendship with the "barely literate" club bouncer Ali.
Before the red-carpet premiere, Audiard attended a press conference with the lead actors and explained that he had wanted to work with Marion ever since seeing her in La Vie en Rose, the Edith Piaf biopic. "She is a very virile actress, and very sensual at the same time, someone who acts with real authority. She is capable of seeing an emotion through all the way." When Schoenaerts was quizzed over his Hollywood prospects, following the potential success of 'Rust and Bone,' he joked "Funny you say that, because last week they called me for Rambo 34!"
Both Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian and Derek Malcolm have given the movie four-star reviews, with Bradshaw claiming that the movie is an "utterly absorbing love story. a tale of a miraculous friendship which evolves into an enthralling and moving romance." A review for Hollywood Reporter describes Cotillard's performance as "forthright," stressing that her portrayal of a paraplegic is "utterly convincing."