French actress Marion Cotillard was left disgusted by the U.K.'s phone-hacking scandal.

British tabloid the News of the World was shut down by owner Rupert Murdoch in 2011 amid uproar at revelations that some journalists had illegally accessed the voicemail messages of hundreds of celebrities, including Sir Paul MCCartney, Hugh Grant, and Jude Law, as well as members of the public.

The Dark Knight Rises star Cotillard was horrified by the intrusion into privacy and insists lawmakers in the U.K. should follow her native country's example of tough media control.

She tells The Observer Magazine, "Having your picture taken in the street and put in a magazine won't change your life. But what happened to people in England, hacking phones. It's vomit. It's sick. This f**king changes your life... If someone is cheating on their wife in the street and pictures are taken, fine, that's their risk."

British Prime Minister David Cameron's former press adviser Andy Coulson was jailed for 18 months in July (14) for overseeing a culture of phone-hacking while he was editor of the News of the World. Several other journalists who worked under him on the paper were also jailed.