Marina and the Diamonds felt some fans ''wouldn't allow'' her to be a pop artist on 'Electra Heart'.

The singer's second album took a more chart friendly direction away from her indie roots, and while she was initially unsure, she is now happy some people would criticise her for it.

She told ''I think that I wasn't allowed to change and that deep down I wanted to write a pop album and to be a popstar.

''For some reason, I felt like people wouldn't allow me to do that, which is stupid because I love the album.

''So I should have just never said anything and accepted that some people would have said 'she's not credible anymore' and that some people would start to be a fan of me, because that's what always happens when you change your music.''

Marina - real name Marina Diamandis - worked with pop producer Dr. Luke on the album, and says he changed the entire way some of the songs were presented.

She added: ''[Working with Dr. Luke] massively affects everything and that was what I was most surprised by on this record. If I had written 'Primadonna' on guitar and recorded it on the guitar it would have had a different reaction from the leftfield indie press.

''Whereas if the producer you're working with turns it into an upbeat dance-pop record then it applies to a completely different audience.

''I was thinking about this the other day, it almost seals the fate of the song and also the fate of your fanbase, so you better be sure the person you're picking is who you want to create your sound for you.''