Singer Marina Diamandis regrets lashing out at Lily Allen when she was an up-and-coming artist, insisting her own "insecurities" prompted the catty comments.
The 25 year old, also known by her stage name of Marina and the Diamonds, made headlines in 2008 when she blasted the Smile hitmaker for her lifestyle choices.
Diamandis said, "She was quite good until she wrecked it all by turning into everything she's not. i.e. going on a diet, dyeing her hair slapper-blonde and flashing her boobies."
The frontwoman admits she's now ashamed of her remarks - and is just thankful Allen hasn't held a grudge.
She tells Britain's Company magazine, "I've met her since and she was fine. It was really more my insecurities and youth that led me to say that stuff.
"No one attacks or criticises someone else unless they're feeling horrible themselves. My perspective has changed - four years ago my response was to attack women who I didn't think were a good example, but now I don't have a judgement on other women and how they dress or act."