A top psychiatrist is convinced that a Toronto, Canada club singer is the reincarnation of movie icon Marilyn Monroe after conducting truth tests on her for the past eight years. DR ADRIAN FINKELSTEIN was approached in 1998 by SHERRIE LAIRD, who asked for his help after a series of strange dreams and experiences led her to believe the late actress was being channelled through her. The psychiatrist conducted a series of interviews and hypnosis sessions in a bid to find out if his patient was for real, and, after eight years, he's now convinced Monroe has come back as Laird. He says, "I've been trained, as a psychiatrist, to assess human behaviour and to recognise somebody that's a fake from somebody that's genuine. "The way Sherrie came across to me the first time, when she approached me in 1998, was a troubled psyche seeking relief." In a bid to appease sceptics and outraged Monroe fans, Finkelstein filmed one recent hypnosis session with Laird for cable news network CNN. During the session, a mumbling Laird - as Monroe - reveals she had her first sexual experience with alleged lover John F Kennedy in the back of a moving car and last saw the then-US President two months before her death in 1962. Under hypnosis, Laird also says, "Not murdered," when Finkelstein asks her if Marilyn was killed. The session ends badly when a sobbing Laird screams, "Oh God... No... No... Help me." Interviewed after the televised trance, she says, "I felt like I was going to die." Finkelstein adds, "In that particular situation, she really, really was so convincing."