Marilyn Monroe has been studying psychology in the other world so she can live a healthier life when she's reborn later this year (05), according to the psychic who has kept in touch with the icon since her death in 1962.

Celebrity medium KENNY KINGSTON claims Monroe will be reborn after what would have been her 79th birthday in June (05) and she's hoping to bring back vital spiritual teachings to make sure her latest spell on earth is better than the last one.

Kingston says, "She wants to come back and not appear to be a dumb blonde. She has told me she plans to be reborn - that's every spirit's choice."

The psychic admits she'll just appear as a baby, but will take on the characteristics of Monroe as she grows up. She also won't have memories of her former life, but she'll have moments of deja-vu.

Kingston adds, "It's quite common. I know for a fact there's a teenager in Boston who is Errol Flynn reborn."

04/05/2005 09:23