Marilyn Manson's girlfriend Dita Von Teese was blissfully unaware her impressive cleavage caught the attention of aging lothario Mick Jagger recently, but considers his ogling a huge compliment.

Earlier this year (04) the British and American media published photos of the Rolling Stones frontman starring at the burlesque strip-tease artist's ample bosoms at a celebrity party.

Von Teese, 32, says, "From the looks of the photos he was talking to my cleavage, but it didn't seem like that at the time.

"He's one of the biggest rock stars in the world and he's seen a hell of a lot of t*ts. So for him to notice mine was a compliment.

"Perhaps he was told I was the queen of the striptease and was a bit confused about why I never took my top off to reveal pasties (nipple covers) because it was such an exclusive event.

"Manson was really amused by it - he loves that kind of press for me. He was proud."

16/12/2004 09:32