Former Marilyn Manson bass player JEORDIE WHITE quit the goth group in a bid to become a better musician.

The rocker, who adopted the persona of TWIGGY RAMIREZ in Marilyn Manson, has now joined eccentric rocker Maynard James Keenan in A Perfect Circle, and he has spoken for the first time about his reasons for moving on.

Speaking to American heavy rock magazine Revolver, White reveals he got too caught up in "the showmanship" of the ROCK IS DEAD stars and felt he should concentrate more on his guitar skills.

He explains, "I loved my band, but a lot of time music took a backseat to the image, attitude and showmanship.

"I changed my name and played a character for 10 years. So now it's refreshing to concentrate on playing the music.

"I've already become a better player, and it's definitely a lot more stable and healthy of a lifestyle."

White shocked the rock world when he walked out on Marilyn Manson last year (02). He joins former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist JAMES IHA in the new A Perfect Circle line-up.

16/10/2003 21:14