Rocker Marilyn Manson credits his upcoming album EAT ME, DRINK ME for saving his life after his most "f**ked-up year". The ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR hitmaker admits 2006 was a terrible 12 months for him, and he's amazed he's still alive after a string of events ended with his wife, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, filing divorce papers at Christmas (06). Manson - real name BRIAN WARNER - says, "As many dark places that I've gone in my life and in my music this past year... it's a real wonder that I'm alive. "I never wanted to make music again, but this was the only salvation I had going for me. "Somehow I came out of that, and I came out of that writing a song, and that song turned into a record." The song that turned his fortunes and feelings around, JUST A CAR CRASH AWAY, has stunned friends he's played it to. He adds, "A couple (of) people I've played it for have cried... I just think it's terribly romantic, in a BRAM STOKER (DRACULA author) sort of way."