Dating Marilyn Manson wasn't actress Rose McGowan's most controversial moment - she grew up in the bizarre CHILDREN OF GOD cult.

The CHARMED star's hippie parents DANIEL and TERRI joined DAVID BERG's Italy-based commune five years before McGowan was born, where they partook in drug-taking sessions and orgies.

McGowan's father reveals, "We were urged to cut off contact with our families, to give almost everything we owned to the group and become full-time evangelists. We did drugs, we did LSD, there was a lot of sex."

The actress admits she was astonished to hear cult founder Berg suggest his followers' children should be having sex when they were just 12.

The 30-year-old star recalls, "David Berg decided that if you're already getting your period, God must want you to have sex. I waited until I was 14."

Daniel McGowan fled the group with his kids when the actress was 10, but he still believes in Berg's teachings and fears for his children because they live such open lives.

He says, "I am afraid Rose will lose her soul."

Another famous family who spent time in Berg's cult was late actor RIVER Phoenix's clan.

22/04/2004 17:03