Marilyn Manson's new song 'Kill4Me' is ''very romantic''.

The 48-year-old singer is known for penning dark, narcissistic and violent lyrics, but his new record 'Heaven Upside Down' sees a softer side to the goth rocker, who asks: ''Would you kill for me?'' on the synth pop track.

Asked if he intended for it to be a sarcastic pop song, he told NME magazine: ''No, I didn't intend it to be a pop song. Tyler Bates, who is my music partner, is also a sick, f**king dark, twisted f***er.

''He scores films ['Guardians Of The Galaxy', 'John Wick', 'Dawn Of The Dead'] and we were trying to find the point in the record where there was going to be a story - that was the point when the story began.

''It's very romantic - I wrote the lyrics almost as a poem.

''I just simply said, 'Would you kill for me?'

''It was almost trying to make fun of the fact that I hate songs where people are whining and saying 'I'd die for you'.

''I don't like it when people ask questions in songs because they sound like pussies.''

The 'Beautiful People' hitmaker said that while many artists are writing about the current political climate and Donald Trump, he doesn't ''care'' about that and simply wanted to make his most ''fierce'' record.

He explained: ''I think the whole record's romantic. In a strange way.

''It's the most realised. My biggest and most fierce, certainly.

''Everyone likes their new record so I'm not going to sit here and say 'I love my new record', but this record is important in the scheme of what needs to happen and not in the 'I need to save the world' or 'I give a s**t about anything other than making fun of the musicians who can't make this record' [way], or making my own records in the past feel bad for themselves for not being this record. I had to really outdo myself.''

'Heaven Upside Down' is released on October 6.

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