Marilyn Manson's last single was deliberately meaningless.

The controversial rocker says he called the track 'Arma-G*****n-Motherf****n'-Geddon' because there was nothing else of note about it.

He explained: "I think it is completely unshocking and completely intentionally redundant and that was the whole point of it.

"It was my commentary on how shameless and hopeless and uninteresting things are now. When you have to put 'g*****n' and 'motherf****g' into a title that already has 'Armageddon' in it... you know! I was just making a point."

The 'Rock Is Dead' star was widely criticised for the controversial tone of his breakthrough album 'Antichrist Superstar' but insists he has no regrets.

He added to The Stool Pigeon: "With stuff that I said on Antichrist Superstar, I'm glad I said that stuff. At the time it was a great c**shot in the face of people.

"They were shocked and were like: 'Woah, that tasted terrible and I didn't really like that.' I'm not saying the same thing on 'Arma-G*****n-Motherf****n'-Geddon'. I'm not even getting close to it."