Marilyn Manson 's much anticipated studio comeback has left the critics split, with camps undecided as to whether one of the most shocking artists of the last 20 years still has the power to surprise. 'Born Villain,' Manson's new LP is his 10th in total having debuted back in 1994 with 'Portrait Of An American Family,' though it was 1998's 'Mechanical Animals' that really shocked, coming out at the time that the star's music was blamed as an influence on the infamous Columbine High School shootings.
However Manson's not courted anywhere near the same amount of dubious attention in years. Nevertheless, some critics feel that he's still a venomous as ever. The UK's Independent On Sunday writes "The eighth Marilyn Manson album features some of his finest lyrics yet and, musically, it often approaches the heyday of Holy Wood and Mechanical Animals." Billboard isn't quite as effusive with praise but comments "'Born Villain' finds a seemingly refreshed and clear-minded Manson and his band poring through a diverse set of moods and styles in songs that cut a little deeper than the deliberate provocation of many of his previous works."
It's not all positivity though, bizarrely enough The Independent On Sunday's sister paper The Independent writes "If he tried to find something he liked, he might actually make something worth listening to."