Marilyn Manson hopes people ''feel something'' when listening to his new album, 'Born Villain'.

The rocker - notorious for his explicit lyrics and dark sound - admits the record has been a ''challenge'' but loved getting his teeth into a new project.

He said: ''If everything is happy, then who gives a s**t, or if it's just a straight line, I won't give a s**t either.

''If it's down, which is sometimes where I was more often than up, it's not inspiring. So I just wanted to make something that would make people feel something.

''I was playing it to people that were my friends. Some of them never heard my music before, never liked my music, whatever the situation was, but it's a challenge and I love a challenge. I had forgotten how much I love a challenge.''

Marilyn, 43, admitted he went back to his old style of writing music compared to his last two albums, 'Eat Me, Drink Me', and 'The High End of Low'.

Marilyn - real name Brian Warner - told ''I feel like I did get to a point on my previous two records - not that I'm discrediting the music that I did or hating it or anything of that nature - I just feel that I started to change the way I wrote because I wanted to open up. Sometimes you don't know how the f**k to be yourself.''