Marilyn Manson has claimed he was once banned from Coachella - but will play at the festival on Saturday (21.04.18).

The 49-year-old heavy metal star will take to the stage at the California-based music extravaganza alongside his ''great friend'' Yoshiki's band X Japan, and admitted he ''never thought'' he would perform there after once being prohibited from playing at the spectacle.

He wrote on Instagram: ''I am happy to join my great friend @yoshikiofficial and XJapan at Coachella on Saturday the 21st for a special performance. (sic)''

The 'Dope Show' hitmaker then followed up his post, which captioned a picture of himself and the 52-year-old musician, on Twitter by writing: ''I never thought I would play at a festival I was banned from. But... Yoshiki invited me to join the stage with XJAPAN. You don't want to miss this one (sic)''

Marilyn didn't go on to further explain why he was apparently banned from Coachella.

But the 'Beautiful People' star's upcoming weekend performance won't be his only one this year as he and fellow metal legend Rob Zombie are set to co-headline a 'Twins of Evil: The Second Coming' tour over the summer.

The pair hit the road together on a 'Twins of Evil Tour' six years ago and are now looking to play up to 30 shows together across America from July to August this year.

They previously clashed when Rob accused Marilyn of going over his allotted stage time, but the 'Superbeast' hitmaker admitted in 2014 that the dispute had been forgotten and that he would ''probably'' tour with the star again.