Marilyn Manson plans to ''freeze his sperm into a popsicle'' as he's the last person alive in his family's bloodline.

The 48-year-old shock rocker - whose real name is Brian Warner - was left devastated when his father Hugh Warner passed away in July and has revealed the peculiar way he'd like to preserve his ability to create an heir.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: ''After my father died, I'm the last in the bloodline. Maybe I'll freeze my sperm into a popsicle and I'll put it in the freezer between the dead hummingbird I found in my yard and the lollies.''

Despite wanting to conserve his sperm, the 'Say10' singer - who is godfather to Hollywood pal Johnny Depp's 18-year-old daughter Lily-Rose Depp - is still undecided on whether he'd like to start a family, as he admits he's not sure it's sensible to raise kids in ''Marilyn Manson's'' world.

Praising Depp - who also has 15-year-old son Jack with his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis - for being bringing up two intellectual children seemingly unaffected by the showbiz circus that surrounds their dad, the 48-year-old musician said: ''Seeing Johnny raise his two kids who are so intelligent and so successful in just being happy while in a world where their father is always in the spotlight and working is very admirable. This gives me hope because always worried about not being around enough to have my own kids, not the fact I'd be irresponsible or leave absinthe lying around. I'm still not sure it's fair bringing up a kid in my world. I wouldn't want the baggage that comes with being Marilyn Manson to affect them.''

The 'Tainted Love' singer - who was previously married to burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese from 2005 to 2007 - hit the headlines after pointing a toy gun to the audience at his show in San Bernadino, almost two years to the day of fatal mass shooting in the city in Texas.

Defending the stunt, Manson said: ''My art has always been a reaction to popular culture and my way to make people think about the horrible things that happen in this world. My performance was not meant to be disrespectful or show any insensitivity.''