Marilyn Manson feels like he's in the third act of his life.

The controversial singer, 46, who has suffered with depression, thinks more troubling times are on the horizon and he admits to feelings of revenge.

He told the Observer newspaper: ''I'm in the part of the film where it rains. That's when you know trouble is coming.

''Maybe that goes back to me being the kid that got his ass beat so many times and no one stood up for me. But I didn't stand up for myself either.''

Marilyn - who was previously married to Dita Von Teese - has just released his new album, 'The Pale Emperor', and is currently involved in a relationship.

However, he says he only has a girlfriend ''because she is willing to do whatever it takes to be with me. I realised making this record that maybe I need to do the same thing because I did not take time to notice that it could come across as one-sided because I'm such a handful. But people know that about me.''

Recently, Marilyn admitted he has sex a minimum of five times a day in the dark, but refuses to take his underwear off in case there's a fire in the house.

He said: ''I'm just really shy, despite what you'd imagine. I have a phobia that the house is going to catch fire, and I don't want to be naked.''