Marilyn Manson'S former bass player Gidget Gein is to make a posthumous appearance in the forthcoming film THE DEVIL'S Muse.

Gein - who was found dead earlier this month due to a suspected drugs overdose - will be seen in the role of a murderer in the movie, reports NME,

The film has been scored by David J of BAUHAUS and LOVE AND ROCKETS.

"I ran with the idea of the Black Dahlia," he told the publication.

"I became consumed by it and wrote the pieces. I made the music and just handed it over (to the director)."

The movie is scheduled to screen in Los Angeles on October 23rd, where David will perform songs from the soundtrack.

Elsewhere, OASIS chief Noel Gallagher recently deemed MARILYN MANSON a "cool geezer" claiming to like everything about the shock rocker "except his music".

22/10/2008 11:07:01