Wild music man Marilyn Manson lives in fear - he's petrified someone might break into his home.

The wacky TAINTED LOVE singer is seemingly fearless on stage, but panics about intruders when he's trying to relax at home - and even sometimes fires gun shots at suspicious shadows.

He says, "I have cameras all over the place and sometimes I'll stay up all night, watching them, paranoid, sipping absinthe, thinking I hear things.

"I have pellet guns so I fire them into the darkness hoping to hit an intruder, but usually it's probably just a coyote."

But should he ever actually catch an intruder, the singer would refrain from killing him - because he has a better idea.

He giggles, "I'd probably maim him and make him watch really bad TV shows for hours until he's just about to die. Then I'd call the ambulance. I wouldn't kill him because then I'd have to go to jail."

08/10/2003 03:04