Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has pinpointed the reason behind his happy romance with fetish model DITA VON TEESE - they have a fixation with the 1930s.

Manson, who was once engaged to Charmed beauty Rose McGowan, has been dating the burlesque dancer for the past two years, and finds that their obsession with times past has bonded them closer.

He says, "My girlfriend has always been someone who looks like she stepped out of a pin-up from the 1930s. So, being around her is a certain influence.

"We found things in common that we liked in that era because people had a different attitude about entertainment and art.

"People wanted to walk around and live like they were in a movie. And now, because reality is what people watch on TV with reality shows, it's doing the reverse, and it's just not exciting to me. I prefer to live to live in a fantasy world."

04/07/2003 02:28