American rocker Marilyn Manson loves being seen as the "boogeyman" - and evens compares his career longevity to "pancreatic cancer".

THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE singer, 35, revels in his bad guy image, and doesn't even feel threatened by Osama Bin Laden in the evil stakes.

Manson says, "To say Osama has stolen my thunder is almost a compliment in the same way as a porn star saying, 'I wore them out'.

"Those are some heavy credentials. But I think that I'm the long-term boogeyman.

"I'm more like pancreatic cancer, something more obscure, something you can't really diagnose at first.

"It's dull ache that may end up as a big boil that becomes fatal.

"It's not as obvious as these fly-by-night diseases."

24/09/2004 19:22