Controversial star Marilyn Manson is considering giving up his role as premier shock-rocker - to teach little children art instead.

The ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR singer - who loves painting with his favourite ALICE IN WONDERLAND children's art set because it makes his work "more meaningful" - has revealed he always harboured dreams of becoming a teacher, so he can promote the forgotten art of learning in American schools.

He says, "I love to paint most with my Alice in Wonderland children's paint set that somebody gave me once. It has all kinds of light, pastel colours.

"When I use those paints there's pure irony, because my paintings are always very dark. It makes them even more meaningful. And my favourite colour to paint with is pink. That's quite odd.

"My dream is to become a teacher because I think I could encourage kids to want to learn and become as thirsty for knowledge as I am.

"Nobody in school wants to learn anything. Everybody hates school because it's boring and they can hardly wait to get out. But I think everybody wants to know more. That's why my secret wish is to become a teacher."

13/01/2004 17:15