Police were involved in a near-riot after being called to a concert featuring Marilyn Manson last night (30OCT03), after the shock rocker infuriated fans by finishing his set early.

According to accounts from people attending the FREAKERS BALL at the KANSAS CITY INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY in Missouri, a security fence between the fans and the stage was pushed down twice, and after the second time the Manson band left the stage.

Some of the fans began rushing toward the stage, upset that the concert had been cut short. KANSAS CITY POLICE captain ROBERT ZIMMERMAN says some fans threw bottles at off-duty police officers who were hired to provide security at the concert.

He states, "The crowd became unruly. We ended up calling in what we call a field force. It involved approximately 100 officers."

RODNEY BORDEN, who was one of 12,000 fans in attendance, says, "Cop cars were getting smashed. Cops were trying to get everybody out of there, and people were just fighting back. They wouldn't do what they got to do, just leave."

The concert had started in the afternoon, and Manson's group was the last of six acts to perform.

Ambulances were at the scene, but apparently there were only a few minor injuries.

31/10/2003 20:10