Marilyn Manson blindfolded bandmate JOHN LOWERY and pumped loud dialogue from porno films into his headphones - in order to get the best guitar solo out of him.

The rocker wanted his straight-laced guitarist to feel "completely charged up" for the solo on new song PARA-NOIR, so he came up with some extreme recording practices.

He explains, "He doesn't drink or do drugs and I really wanted to find his element of despair because that's where things were coming from in this song.

"He has been known to have a bit of a sex addiction and have sex with sometime four or five women a day on tour, so I blindfolded him and I only gave him the sound of porno movie in his ears.

"I handed him guitars that weren't familiar to him, much like the women that he does this with, and he played completely from his gut."

The track, taken from THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE, also features recordings of naked women talking about why they like having sex.

08/08/2003 02:37