Lipsticked hellraiser Marilyn Manson hopes to extend his fragrance project to incorporate an entire make-up line - in a bid to make cosmetics more male-friendly.

The rocker recently confirmed plans to release a celebrity scent but is keen to set his sights higher and fulfil a lifetime ambition of releasing a whole vanity collection.

And he hopes the venture will encourage other men to experiment with make-up.

Manson says, "Launching a cosmetics line is something I've always wanted to (do), purely because I wear make-up every day.

"I wanted to make something of my own for myself and I thought, being that probably I'm the most thought-of male make-up wearer these days aside from TV newscasters, it just seemed like it would make people feel OK to wear lipstick if it had a man's endorsement on it.

"To me, make-up is just like painting. I have done so many things to my face and to my body with make-up that I feel like it's something I should be able to allow people to rely on my opinion for."