Rocker Marilyn Manson has given up on all plans to release his EIGHT video after his closest aides told him it was too shocking.

The ROCK IS DEAD star filmed the sexually-charged video with controversial XXX actress Asia Argento, but bosses at his record label INTERSCOPE are refusing to even let MTV chiefs make a decision about the promo's worth.

So, Manson, real name BRIAN WARNER, now hopes to show the video on his official website.

He says, "I'm going to make it available on my website only - that's the only place you'll ever get it in America.

"I refused to censor it... It's a very extreme video but I paid it for myself because I wanted it to be what it is."

At one point, Manson had hoped to release the video on MTV in Germany.

He explains, "The Germans said they would play it if I took out the part with the tongue and the lady's private area. They're sensitive to that sort of thing in Germany."

20/09/2004 02:44