A former bandmate of Marilyn Manson has been denied access to the star's financial records as part of an ongoing lawsuit.
Keyboardist Stephen Bier - also known by his stage name of Madonna Wayne Gacy - filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the goth rocker last year (Aug07).
Bier accuses Manson - real name Brian Warner - of using money from their former band partnership to buy personal goods.
The musician's lawyers had asked Manson to turn over his tax records to provide evidence of his earnings, but on Wednesday (10Sep08) Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael L. Stern refused the request.
Manson countersued Bier in December (07) alleging he breached a contract by not fully participating in the making of master recordings, performing in concerts and helping to sell band merchandise.
Manson - who fired Bier in 2007 - maintains that the band's partnership was dissolved in 1996, but Bier insists it still exists and claims he is entitled to a share in the group's revenues.
Bier is seeking more than $20 million (GBP10.8 million) in damages.