Controversial rocker Marilyn Manson has hit out at comments made by a Scottish judge linking his graphic paintings to the murder of a 14-year-old girl in a copycat knifing frenzy.

Last week (ends11FEB05) 16-year-old LUKE MITCHELL - a Manson fan - was sentenced to a minimum sentence of 20 years for the brutal murder of his 14-year-old girlfriend JODI JONES in Dalkieth in 2003.

During the trial, jurors were shown pictures drawn by Manson, depicting the 1940s Hollywood murder of starlet ELIZABETH SHORT, and when sentencing Mitchell, LORD NIMMO SMITH expressed concern Manson's paintings could have been a factor in the killing.

But the TAINTED LOVE rocker has dismissed any responsibility, instead arguing the crime was more likely a result of bad parenting.

He says, "I have heard of the case but I do not want to give it much publicity.

"What I do know is that it is all about education that parents give their children and the influences they receive, not putting the blame elsewhere."

14/02/2005 09:20