Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is desperate to cast Johnny Depp in his film project PHANTASMAGORIA. Manson recently attended the premiere of Depp's latest film Pirates Of The Caribbean: DEAD MAN'S CHEST and is certain he can convince the star to sign on. He tells MTV news, "In less than two weeks, I'm going to France to start production on my film. "And maybe convince Johnny to be in it - I'll extort him to be in it!" Mason and Depp have been friends for years and he thinks the two would make a perfect team. He adds, "I don't pressure him. (British fashion designer) John Galliano said I was one of the true great pirates, and I told Johnny that. "So it's like me, Johnny and (children's cereal character) CAP'N CRUNCH. "I have hung out with JACK SPARROW, because Johnny is Jack Sparrow. We drink absinthe, that's what we do."