Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has branded the vigils held in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre "manufactured". The singer, whose controversial music was held partially responsible by some for the Columbine shootings in April 1999, is confused by the public outpouring of grief in the wake of the tragedy, insisting it's pointless to "waste emotions" on the incident that left 33 people dead last month (Apr07). He says, "You know it all seems very manufactured to me in the way that there's candlelight vigils but I haven't seen anyone crying. Not one single person crying. "Someone said to me yesterday 'I'm sure you're full of mixed emotions'. I'm not. I don't really care. I don't know anyone involved in it. If you lose emotion, and you gain it back, you realise that hate and love are very important to distribute properly. So I am not going to waste any kind of emotion on things that aren't related to me. "It doesn't mean that you have to be insensitive or cold, or have no sort of empathy. It just means that when you do have an emotion, make it extreme."