Marilyn Manson almost quit making music completely last year (06) because he could no longer find any interest in songwriting. The Antichrist Superstar rocker admits he lacked focus and determination until marriage troubles for him and now-estranged wife Dita Von Teese got him back in the studio. He says, "I didn't have an interest doing it anymore because I felt the music industry had gotten to a point where I just felt completely unfulfilled, uninterested. "It just seemed very objectified, very much a product, very much a cliche of what someone's supposed to feel. "I just didn't really feel inspired to do it and then I sunk into a weird black hole... I really didn't know what I wanted to do and I lost an identity... I didn't know who I was, because I didn't really have anything." But now he's thrilled with the album that came out of that darkness. He adds, "This is the record I was always meant to make that I never did before."