Marilyn Manson's guitarist JOHN 5 is quitting his band - blaming the rocker's hellraising lifestyle for causing irreconcilable differences between them.

The SWEET DREAMS axeman says he will not be present when recording on Manson's new material gets underway later this Spring (04) but insists he's "loved" working alongside the self-proclaimed God of F***.

John says, "Since the day I joined, it was like being in FULL METAL JACKET.

"Being onstage with Marilyn Manson is like being in a war zone, you never know when he's gonna freak out and throw sh** at you, I

loved every minute of it.

"I was nothing but nice to him, I never screwed up onstage, well not really badly, and I did everything I could to get along with him.

"Maybe, just maybe, it had something to do with the fact that I don't drink or do drugs, and he's not like that at all, maybe he held that against me, I don't know, he never said."

08/04/2004 17:04