Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is being investigated by Swiss police, after a religious group complained about his stage act while he was touring there two years ago (01).

Zurich District Prosecutor MICHAEL SCHERRER said Manson was being probed after allegedly breaching Swiss law protecting religion, as well as making incitements to violence during a concert in the city in February 2001.

Scherrer called Manson - real name BRYAN WARNER - in for questioning before he returned to perform in Zurich last weekend (29-20NOV03).

Manson's stage antics include tearing up a BIBLE and dubbing himself the "ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR". He is also baptised as a Satanist and is an honorary priest in the Church of Satan.

And he has angered the Switzerland-based CHRISTIANS FOR TRUTH - who tried unsuccessfully to have the latest concert banned on grounds that Manson's views were offensive to a majority of the population.

Manson has denied all accusations against him, insisting his act is meant to provoke a debate about violence and religion.

Officials are currently deciding if they will charge Manson.

02/12/2003 21:07