Rocker Marilyn Manson has refused to confirm or deny reports he is actually making love to his teenage girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood in the video to his new single Heart-Shaped Glasses. Manson split from his wife Dita Von Teese at the end of last year (06), reportedly because of his relationship with the 19-year-old actress. The first two minutes of the Heart-Shaped Glasses promo feature Manson and Wood writhing around naked, having passionate sex. And although the musician won't confirm reports the couple were making love for real, he does admit some people working on the clip were shocked at what they were doing. He tells MTV News, "Let's say there were some conservative people involved (with the video) that got a little upset about things that were taking place, and there's been rumours back and forth, but I will not confirm or deny them." He adds, "It does look real."