Marilyn Manson has hit back at his critics - insisting he is not to blame for a series of horrifying massacres at U.S. schools.
Goth rocker Manson has been linked with outrages including the bloodbaths at Columbine High School in 1999 and Virginia Tech in 2007.
Critics insist Manson's dark lyrics are often misinterpreted by troubled teenagers, providing the catalyst to kill - and the accusations increased when Asa Coon, who shot four people during a rampage at SuccessTech Academy, Cleveland in 2007, was found to be wearing a Manson t-shirt.
But the rocker insists it is unfair to hold him responsible for the massacres - and jokes he should receive an award for "highest death toll" in music.
He tells Kerrang! magazine, "Blaming me for (Columbine) was ridiculous. It's a lack of responsibility from everyone. If you want to blame something, well, I went to a Christian school. That's why I write what I write. Shall we blame the Christians?
"I essentially lost everything because of Columbine but, if it happened now, it just wouldn't have the same impact. There has to be that first person who takes the arrows in the back and I guess that was me.
"If there was a Grammy Award for death toll, it would be mine. I don't think anyone has been blamed for as much violence as me."